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This super creamy and delicious caramel smoothie bowl is perfect for breakfast, or serve as a great sweet treat/snack/pick-me-up. I loooooove smoothie bowls, especially because you can switch it up with your toppings.

All you need:

- 2 frozen bananas

- 2 soaked dates (unless they are really fresh and soft)

- 1/3 cup of milk (i use oat milk)

- 1-2 tbsp of cashew butter (can also use almond, or whatever you have at home really)

- 1 tbsp of coconut sugar

- A pinch of salt

Toppings: I used blueberries, banana, peanuts, oats, chia and flax seeds, and some refined sugar free chocolate (Vivani 75%), but feel free to add whatever you have at home or like!


1. Start by soaking the dates for about 10 minutes

2. Add everything into a blender or food processor until smooth

3. Pour into a bowl, and top with your favourite ingredients